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Welcome to the Rite of the Womb

Welcome to the 13th Rite of Munay-Ki

Rite of the Womb


This Rite is an Energetic Transmission given by a Lineage of Women from the Jungle Medicine of Peru, to release past traumas stored in our womb.

  •  It heals at the cellular and energetic levels.
  • It gives us the capability for deep emotional and physical healing.
  • It heals the Lineage from pain and suffering -Ancestral Healing.

Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Teacher and Ceremonialist has received The Rite of the Womb, an Energetic Transmission given by a Lineage of Women from the Jungle Medicine of Peru. This transmission is intended to heal all women from the pain and suffering they carry in their belly.

This Rite is for anyone ready to receive the Energetic Transmission.  It's not uncommon for challenges to start showing up the moment you respond to the call.  Become aware of shifts in your day to day living, the Lineage may have already started working on your behalf and you may go into fear.  If you feel uneasy, blocks start appearing, or have questions, become aware and gently release.


More info:  http://theriteofthewomb.com/


What to Bring

  • ·        An Open Heart
  • ·        An object* that represents your initiation, it will hold the energy to support you as a Womb Keeper.
  • ·        Journal
  • ·        Drum and/or rattles --if available


What to Wear

·        Women wear a skirt or dress



·        Ceremony starts promptly at assigned time.  Please, arrive early and remain present for completion of ceremony.


 *Initiation object could be a piece of jewelry, a stone, crystal, small statue, picture of something meaningful to you, etc. It should fit in the palm of your hand. honor your guidance. There will be time to mingle and celebrate your Initiation as a Womb Keeper after the ceremony.


For more information:

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez

Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Teacher and Womb Keeper.


rosalbafontanez@gmail.com     www.rosalbafontanez.com