Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Explanation of First Aid for the Soul

Contact Information

 Rev. Rosalba Fontanez


 Email: rosalbafontanez@gmail.comPlease, refer to Shamanic Healing Circles.  Thank you.

What is “First Aid for the Soul“ ?

Is a life affirming set of Healing Circles and Workshops that employ guided creative visualizations and other therapeutic techniques.


What is the purpose of healing circles?

To promote change for transformation, resulting in the empowerment and enhancement of people’s well being.

“First Aid for the Soul” has the potential to:

Shift from  highly stressful situations to a state of calm and serenity. When people are in a relaxed state, they can sort things out with clarity. They can make decisions and resolve their issues with calm and ease. Being in a state o relaxation allows the individual to have a different outlook at their troubles, in turn, they improve their circumstances producing optimum results.


“First Aid for the Soul” offers a safe and sacred place free of judgment where you can experience Love and acceptance.


Visualizations afford people a state of relaxation and access to their own healing power. Guided Imagery enables people to experience feelings of serenity, confidence and the ability to deal with stress and because they feel relaxed the are better able to cope and manage constant stressors


The Results:

Healing, calmness, clarity, relaxation, self esteem / confidence  build up, self empowerment, inner growth.


Unconditional Love, kindness, compassion, support and respect are some of the core values of “First Aid for the Soul” Healing Circles.


Healing Formula for First Aid for the Soul

Soul + Heart + Compassion + Forgiveness = Healing 

“The Soul resides in the center of the heart.

Heart is the Temple of Compassion.

Compassion is needed to free us from anger,

 unforgiveness, blame, shame, pain, guilt and fear.

So… Breathe Love and Light into your heart to

achieve compassion and forgiveness

and start your healing path”