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Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine and/or Energy Medicine, is an alternative therapy based on the belief that illness is caused by energy imbalances. The concept is based on the premise that human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of putative energy.  

When a human body is not well that is the result of one or more of these fields of energy being unbalanced. Since all matter vibrates to a precise frequency, using resonant vibration will balance the energy field to restore harmony.



This type of healing considers all energy to vibrate at a specific frequency. Our body's energetic system is powerfully affected by emotional trauma, negativity, physical injury, surgery, poor quality food and pollution. Over time these lower frequencies become locked in the body creating energy blockages and often manifests as tension, pain or illness.


Just about anyone can feel some improvement. Listed below are various conditions that may be treated by vibrational therapy:

  • Any type of pain, especially for the joints
  • Stress Management
  • Depression/Emotional trauma
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Gynaecological disorders

Vibrational Therapyis a term used to describe a wide variety of living remedies.  It incorporates some of the following: the use of chi energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, spiritual healing includes distance healing, laying on of hands, meditation, ceremony, ritual, and shamanic healing practices. 

Vibrational (also called Energetic) Medicine invites us to look at our world and ourselves in a completely new way than we are used to. The science upon which our so-called modern or conventional medical model is based, Newtonian Physics and scientific methodology, results from 400-year-old information. This model believes that human and animal species are nothing more than elaborate machines - simple cause and effect can explain everything about the way in which these machines "operate". When viewed mechanistically, our bodies are seen as material forms, and energy is given very little attention.

With the advent of 20th century physics, a new understanding or paradigm emerged and the seeds of Quantum Physics were born. Einstein turned the scientific world on its ear with his Theory of Relativity, which essentially stated that light, energy, and matter are all of equal importance. Physicists began to look at how energy played a much more important role in the creation of, and indeed in the continuing survival of our universe. Where matter once ruled, energy was now taking its place. This new understanding of the universe did not find its way into the science of medicine, however, because the means did not exist to "prove" these theories or to actually truly understand what they meant in terms of human beings and health.

In the last 30 years, technological advances have opened the door for the study of energy and how it behaves, in ways that were never before available. The results of these studies are creating yet another paradigm shift, which is just now, filtering its way into general public understanding. In the Quantum universe, everything is energy! Energy always precedes matter and indeed, matter accounts for only 2% of the Universe, as we understand (or see) it. Essentially the only difference between physical matter and etheric matter is the electromagnetic frequency at which it vibrates or resonates.

Some of the methods of energy medicine involve gentle physical touch, while others work with the energy around the body with the practitioner holding his or her hands several inches away. Some methods can be applied from a distance, others require attendance at a ceremony and may include family and friends. The movement modalities may require learning and practicing a particular movement or breath sequence


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Shamanic Energy Healing

Energy Medicine, as in the tradition of the Peruvian Inca shamans, is based on the understanding that we each have a "luminous body,"an energy field where imprints of trauma, past and future disease, unresolved issues and other "dense energies" reside and can block our well-being. 

Shamanic healing interventions offer powerful avenues for directly accessing, clearing, healing and re-informing old traumas, souls contracts, ancestral patterns and other powerful energies imprinted on our luminous energy field, sometimes for many lifetimes. 

The power of Energy Medicine is its ability to transmute heavy or toxic energies that are clogging our luminous energy field, the places of our soul wounds.  As the luminous field is cleared we become more empowered, our life begins to shift in ways we never imagined, and we can reclaim our authentic self – our gifts, our purpose, passion.  Each time we clear an imprint or toxic energies, we re-inform it with the original blueprint of Love, Essence, Pure Light – our true sources of power.

Disease within the physical body occurs at the cellular and bimolecular levels.  In vibrational medicine, healing is said to extend from the bimolecular level to cellular and finally to the anatomical.