Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Saturday, November 19, 2011.

Special thanks to a wonderful human being who helped me work through early childhood traumas that were holding me back in my social life.

I am doing much better since Rosalba has given me her special love.

Thank you ever so much Rosalba,  God Bless you!  

D. B.

(Written on this page with client's permission.)


Wow...I can't thank you enough for yesterday Rosalba.  I know that you have enabled my heart chakra to open in a way that it has never been before.  Wow, wow and more wows.  Thank you so much!  You are beautiful and your work is incredible!  I just awoke from a totally awesome dream where I was sharing that love with people who I have known over the years.  Just awesome.  Would you be kind enough to let me know the name of that cd that you were playing?  I will call you sometime in the future for a session - but for know I will just enjoy the blessings:)

-Gregg Webber


Thank you so much for your follow up call last Monday after the Good Medicine event.  What an amazing time!  I wanted to update you.  Since our appointmen there, I kept my word to you, called my Dr.s and deciced to try the medicine the Dr. had prescribed for the nerve pain and depressive symptoms I was having (if you recall I shared with you I had an injury at work last year and had been waking up miserably and wanted my joy back)

Well, I started the medicine and the first morning after, I awoke with the Joy and Peace that we prayed for and did in our session together.  And since then I have been waking up so happy and joyfull and hopeful.

I believe that there was/is something happening with my neurons that the medicine is helping and that the work you and I did is shining through now that we have some help on the physical plane with the medicine.

Thank you so much for allowing the Great Spririt to speak through you and work through you.

I sent your information to my friend , I hope  she does contact you, as my intuition tells me she could benefit from working with you.

Thank you again beautiful angel!

-love and blessings
-Grace Shanti


hello rosa..


      i  just wanted to thank you for my first session with you it was amazing . i want to continue to finish . i am so sorry i am just now thanking you. my body was so tired  for  a day but, i needed  that so much . you have such a gift . i hope i can attend one of your retreats. i lookforward to seeing you again in the future.  thank you.

-elaine  gonzales.


Ha sido maravilloso y ha llenado mi vida de energia, positivismo,  entusiasmo y amor. Agradezco al Angel que me acerco a Rosalba, quien es otro Angel, me he hecho volver a creer en mi y que la felicidad esta en mi , para mi, y poder vivirla dioa a dia sin limitaciones y tropiesos.  Gracias Rosalba  y gracias a mis compañeras por su amor y apoyo .


-Amanda Diaz.

The processes/meditations were soothing, healing and energizing.

The guiding voice of Rosa. ever so peaceful and Loving.

Rosas energy comprised of love and healing transforms one’s essence.

“May all the Angeles always be with you, Rosa, through your journey”

Mucho Amor y Paz son mis deseos siempre.

Gracias desde el fonde de mi ser.

Para ti,



“thank you for your guidens everytime I come and learn more new tools to help myself heal.  I deeply appreciate all the efforts and joyfulness from your teachings.

Thank you, “Peace”

-Tuong Huen

The workshop was very helpful in that hypnosis was used to help us reprogram our minds with positive messages; also, we communicated with our spiritual guide which gives us an exploration of undiscovered realms for people who haven’t spent a lot of time in metaphysical training.  The workshop also spent time helping us clarify issues and beliefs that are part of our lives.  The time we spent with one another helped us develop relationships.

It was a very positive experience.




“I felt a peace in the room and lots of happiness”.

-From a PLR event.


Thank you for an “enlightened” program.

Please accept this honorarium from the friends of Pacoima Library.

-Angelica Gracia