Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Nurturing the Child’s Soul

These Modules contain what Children will explore and learn to cope with childhood stressors, creating a life-long template for emotional resilience.

Many children feel socially isolated; some spend a great deal of time indoors, hooked to video games and television. 

Children need sleep, play, rest and laughter and a connection to community, a sense of belonging. The nurturing they receive at an early age will help manage and balance stress and will allow them to make sound decisions the rest of their lives.

First Module

  • Create a Special, Secret Place -Self-Care & Self-Love
  • Connect with Power Pets
  • Storytelling for Relaxation, Self Esteem/Confidence
  • "Seeds to grow inner flowers" (virtues)
  • Practices for Grounding and Releasing


Second Module

  • Compassion & Gratitude for self and others  
  • Using Stones to cleanse and clear Hoochies
  • Storytelling for grounding 
  • "Planting  seeds":  If I had a___________ I will do/create______________

Third Module

  • Playing with Crystals and experiencing the Elements
  • Storytelling -Affirmations and Declarations to activate the power of the spoken word
  • Vision Boards, Heart’s Wishes and Desires Box, Angel Treasures Chest
  • Practice Tools for “Feeling Good”

Fourth Module

  •  “Writing My Own Story”  Journaling with pictures and images
  •  Lego’s games to build self-esteem/confidence
  •   Storytelling
  •   “Fill in the Blanks” Card Game -A review of techniques learned: Release, Ground and Center.