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Trip to Peru -August 2017

“Sacred Journey to Peru "



Chakaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado 

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In this Journey, we seek out to purify and energize our bodies and souls. We will learn about the rituals of the Incas and participate in a pilgrimage to several of their places of worship. This pilgrimage will be lead by Chakaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado, (if we have at least 12 participants). Otherwise we will have one of his superb guides, trained by the Mystic JLD himself, who will accompany us through the entire circuit. I am envisioning 22 waikis.


We arrive in Lima spend the night there, next morning we fly into Cuzco. We will start our first contact with the Spirit of the Land and request permission to take this pilgrimage. And ask the entities and the Mountains for their blessings, as we set foot at several temples. The voyage will take us to other sacred sites of the old Inca Empire, such as Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Tumibamba, Quillarumiyoq, Urubamba River and adjacent  areas.


At every sacred place we visit, we have an opportunity to take part in Ancient Spiritual Practices, that are essential to the Andean People.



We will then take the train to Aguas Calientes, (were you have the opportunity to relax at the hot springs) from there, we will travel to the mountain top and the Sacred Citadel of Machu Picchu, considered by the Incas to be the essence of wisdom.

Some people may opt to visit Huayna Picchu. In between, we will visit Mandoor Falls and  have a water ceremony. We then return to Urubamba and the next day we continue our journey toward Lake Titicaca, we stop at the impressive archaeological site of Raqchi, it has many buildings and structures on its ground, There is an  enormous structure that  stands over 302ft tall, it's called the Temple of Wiracocha. There are many structures that were used as ceremonial baths. Also, we will have a a spiritual practice inside  one of their magnificent Qollqas.  they served as silos, or storage for grains and potatoes. As we continue on our way to Puno, we may stop at other couple of places, to eat, rest, stretch and shop.



Another highlight of this adventure is the 4 days spent at the Sacred Lake This adventure will be completed with a boat ride to Urus and Taquile Islands in Lake Titicaca. We also visit Aramu Muro, the Interdimensional Gate, the ancient name is Wilka Uta and have another amazing experience and ceremony. 

We end our journey visiting Sillustani, the Funerary/Burial Towers, Chullpas,which have the secret of rebirth. in Sillustani, we will work at the Temple of Fire, connection with Cosmic Spiral. -In the words of the great Jorge Luis Delgado: With the hope that we remember that, to be children of the Sun, is to be clear, transparent, bright, warm, resplendent, shinning, and luminous.  


Once you have a clear intent, you have made a commitment with your Higher Self and the Land, sort of speak, for that, you have about 5 months to prepare for it.


We attend monthly gatherings, where I facilitate the processes and tools to set goals and clear any blockages that would keep you from  achieving  your goal on and about the trip.  This is done through ceremony and ritual, in the Andean Tradition. You become a full  participant  in your journey, and because we are doing this within a group, the energy gets amplified. and you know what happens: when two or more get together

Are you responding to your Heart’s Calling?

For more on this Magical, Life-changing, Healing & Spiritual Trip to Peru, contact Trip Organizer for more information or to register for the Journey:

Rosalba Fontanez,  Shamanic Energy Practitioner


rosalbafontanez@gmail.com         www.rosalbafontanez.com

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