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Trip to Peru -August 2022

"Sacred Journey to Peru "

Dates:  August 1 - 12, 2022

Sacred Journey to Peru

Jorge Luis Delgado and Rosalba invite you to embark in a Sacred Pilgrimage to Peru. 

This journey has been specially designed for the times.

(provided we have a group of 16 people or more)

Reconnect to your Inner Sun!

Join Us In Our Mystical Adventure!

Contact: Rosalba Fontanez




In this Journey, we seek out to purify and energize our bodies and souls. We will learn about the rituals of the Incas and participate in a pilgrimage to several of their places of worship. This pilgrimage will be lead by Chakaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado, (if we have at least 13 participants). Otherwise we will have one of his superb guides, trained by the Mystic JLD himself, who will accompany us through the entire circuit. 


At every sacred place we visit, we have an opportunity to take part in Ancient Spiritual Practices, that are essential to the Andean People.



In preparation for this trip, we attend  gatherings, every other month, where I facilitate the processes and tools to set goals and clear any blockages that would keep you from  achieving  your goal on and about the trip.  This is done through ceremony and ritual, in the Andean Tradition. You become a full  participant  in your journey, and because we are doing this within a group, the energy gets amplified. and you know what happens: when two or more get together

Are you responding to your Heart's Calling?

For more on this Magical, Life-changing, Healing & Spiritual Trip to Peru, contact Trip Organizer for more information and  to register for the Journey:

Rosalba Fontanez,  Shamanic Energy Practitioner


rosalbafontanez@gmail.com         www.rosalbafontanez.com