Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Private Groups

Happy 2013

  • Are you facing changes in your life that feel overwhelming, scary, and confusing?
  • Do you want more joy and peace in your life?
  • Are you fearful about an uncertain future?
  • Are you going through difficult life changes?
  • Are you ready to experience Divine Grace?

I facilitate Healing Meditations Groups, besides seeing clients in my Healing Practice.

I am available for a group of ten or more. I will come to your home, office or social club and present guided meditations for inspiring, life-affirming, healing gatherings . If there is enough interest, I may offer to do another event at petition of guests.

You can choose the Healing Meditation you would like me to facilitate. The following are meditation themes:

  • Open Your Heart Chakra To Receive Love
  • Angel Healing Gathering
  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Past-Life Regression Gathering
  • Connect With Your Angel Of Abundance And Prosperity
  • Affirmation And Visualization Celebration
  • Muscle-Test Sub-Conscious Financial Programming
  • Pain Management
  • Forgiveness Of Self And Others
  • Stress Management And Relaxation
  • Self Esteem And Self confidence
  • Motivation And Goal Fulfillment

Creating your own wellness to enhance your life is at your finger tips, you just need to be aware of your inner power. Through powerful, guided meditation, I guide people to see, feel, know and perceive what it is like to achieve their goals that are in resonance with their life’s journey.

As a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, I guide people to reclaim their passions, eliminate fears and self-doubt, increase their self-image, and discover their inner wisdom.

  When you start working with “First Aid for the Soul” Healing Circles  you open Sacred Space to bring Divine Guidance and  Abundance-, you open the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Are you willing to enhance your life?

Call today to book a Powerful, Life-Affirming Spiritual Gathering

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

 (818) 257-0407   Email:  fontanezrosa@aol.com 


~Meditations can be presented in Spanish as well~