Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred



"Pink Joy"

In this dream,

I flow with the fragrance of vanilla and lemon grass

I become one with the pristine, green meadows I call home.

I take flight and soar the vast cobalt blue skies,

like a majestic hawk does.

Claiming the infinite, limitless universe as my own.

My belly jiggles and my heart rejoices

of all the immeasurable laughter

Because deep inside my soul

I know there is always hope.

I want to sprinkle pixy dust from the sky up above

and wish I could infect humanity

With peace and love

With compassion and gratitude to grow.

I seemingly know

That I have the innate wisdom and power

to guide my queendom and transcend

to the highest peak of potential

for the good of all involved.

My soul aches to paint my universe

with pink joy and iridescent gratitude;

from knowing, sensing the world is smiling.

Breathing the crisp fresh air

of the new, vibrant day