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Regular sessions are available and appropriate for those who are working on themselves and are committed to personal growth, or for those healing an illness or experiencing acute stress.

If you have many questions or great desire for healing I suggest you supplement your private sessions with meditation. For instruction and support, check out the guided meditation circles I offer, or ask me about private coaching.

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Phone Sessions - Distant Healing

"We have come together in thought and healing for ourselves and for the planet".

The Complexities of the Brain

Techniques using energy modalities enable us to access the Alpha and Theta states.   The Practitioner uses a technique that accesses more potential of the brain in order to open the latent, intuitive powers of the mind.  It is well known that humans only use a small fraction of their brain. When using proper techniques it is possible to unleash the endless possibilities of the brain.  The brain is able to function at a number of different cycles, one of which is the alpha state mentioned above.  In this state the brain is functioning at optimal levels with much faster and more efficient operation.

 The Science Behind It

 Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as an non-local quantum hologram, which means that information via the mind/body can be accesses by connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other.  We 'connect' by using the name and address of the client.

  In scientific experiments, when live cells from the same person are separated by miles, whatever is done to one of the cells is reflected in the other cells miles away.

 Non-local events happen all the time.  People experience it (particularly twins) by thousands of miles.  Experiments with dogs have shown that some dogs can detect the moment their owner leaves work (the distance is well beyond the capabilities of the sense of smell).

Therapy from a distance

A remote session is done when the practitioner does the work from the clinic, and you receive the session from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.

It can be effectively performed from any distance, whether you are across the city, or in a different country.


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Spindrift Research Foundation
dedicated to the scientific research of consciousness and healing through prayer using the experimental test

For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that our thoughts & feelings shift reality


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Theta Healing sessions are available by phone as well.

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