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Uncover your Life's Purpose and Mission

Connection And Alignment With Your Life's Purpose And Mission

Live Online Event

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 Are you ready to re-define, refresh renew, re-generate-replenish, recalibrate, restore, revamp, renovate, refurbish?

  • Who are you at the deepest level?
  • Why are you here at this time?
  • What moves you?
  • What are you very good at, that when you are doing it, you forget about everything else?


Become clear through self-discovery!

Have you ever thought or asked yourself: 

1.     Why am I  here?

2.      What is my sense of Purpose and Mission?

3.     What am I meant to do at this time?


Knowing our life purpose and fully living it brings much meaning and fulfillment into our lives. When we consciously align with our deepest reasons for being, we tap into rich reserves of energy, personal power and passion. Our lives begin to flow in new and delightful ways.


You do not create a life purpose, you draw it out of yourself.

 “We must make our lives congruent with our consciousness, a condition of utmost simplicity, costing not less than everything.” 

~T.S. Elliott


In this class, you will re-discover and extract unique tools that will offer you clarity of life purpose understand the meaning of life - your life.


Sign up today so you can begin to:

  •    Identify your motivation, values, virtues, qualities and talents
  •    Create a personal mission statement
  •    Bring meaning and fulfillment to your life
  •    Experience more fun and abundance
  •    Make better and easier decisions
  •    Develop clarity, passion and personal power
  •    Uncover your essence and creative expression.
  •    Anchor and live your life purpose


Price:  $160

Early Bird by TBA  $140

Payable through Venmo @Rosalba-Fontanez

You will receive a Zoom link after submitting payment.

 Payment is your registration.


"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: Chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire." 

~ Aristotle