Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

2-Day Workshop


2-Day Workshop in Burbank


Chakaruna Jorge Luis Delgado


   Date:  February 29 to March 1, 2020

   Time:  10 am to 5 pm

   Place:  The Crystal Shrine

               1006-1008 North Lima Street
               Burbank, CA 91505


Early Bird Fee:  $310 by February 8, 2020  (per person includes light refreshments)

$325 after February 8, 2020

Deadline for payment and registration by February 12, 2020

Venmo: @Rosalba-Fontanez



Day 01

 Inca culture develop the knowledge of Light, of which we set free a number of practices within:


1.   Solar practices at Sunrise, at noon and at Sunset: The Andean Solar Practices are an ancestral tradition which are used to feed the Soul.

a.   At dawn.- the first light is considered as a powerful one since it is of the same component as the soul one. The Father Sun is connected with the Inner Sun and all cells of the body.

b.   At midday.- activation of cesium crystals on palms, so we activate divine healing hands.

c.    At sunset.- gratitude ceremony and anchor of the last ray of light in our inner sun


2.   Solar practices to activate the eleven eyes or energy centers. It is activated with the light of the father sun and the power triangle (which is formed using the hands). The eleven eyes are: the 7 chakras +  2 physic eyes + 1 above the top of the head + 1 of the root chakra. This is to remind you that all these energetic centers are love, service and wisdom.


3.   Solar practices to activate the Third eye.-  Or the spiritual eye, which is between the eyebrows and the pineal gland.


4.   Practice of Muyuki, which explains about the four intermediate directions and having to do with power animals but with direct participation of the Sun.

a) - Muyuki is the life wheel, the medicine wheel.

b) Practices to invoke and to connect with power animals of the four intermediate directions are done: the snake, puma, hummingbird, eagle, and the butterfly in the middle.

c)  These practices allow us to learn about the wisdom and power of these animals and the cosmic forces of the directions for our spiritual growth.


5.   Reconnection with the infinite and eternal light in each  person.- Activating the eternal light in our inner body and reconnecting the inner sun, the father sun and the galactic sun.


Day 02

The Ajayus and the Illas:

(a)  Ajayu: it is the soul or spirit of all creation. We will connect with the Ajayu of the Milky Way, using Chonta power sticks (Chonta is a powerful wood, considered sacred among the Andean People)

(b)  Illa: it is the light of the elements. And the light of soul.


For the children of the Sun, everybody and everything has a soul since everything is alive; and every soul has its light which is converted into love, service and wisdom.


1.   Practices to enrich our energy with the Illas of the 4 elements and their respective power centers in the human body.- Elements connection through the energetic center of the body to anchor the light at the energy bands, thus they can be cleaned and strengthened.


2.   The encounter with the Solar Being.- Activities to connect with the inner Sun and the father sun to activate the cellular memory  and Solar gift.


3.   Harmonizing the seven relations.- with love, service and wisdom:

·        Harmony with the Mother Earth  (down under)

·        Harmony with the Father Sun  (up)

·        Harmony with the family  (to right side)

·        Harmony with neighbors  (to left side)

·        Harmony with the past  (forwards)

·        Harmony with the Future  (backwards

·        Harmony with oneself 


This harmonization of the seven relations is a kind of personal Feng Shui


4. THE CHUMPI CUYAS -Lecture and Demonstration-  These are 7 alabaster stones, each one with a three circles design. The first stone’s got a point, the second two points, the third three points -and so on-  respectively.


Instruction: Jorge will explained about the way on how to use the Chumpi Cuyas. Those points are used to anchor the light and energy of the multiverse: Ukupacha, the underground world; the Kaypacha which is the HERE world and the Hananpacha which is the upper world. The blessings coming from the Inka’s heart, abundance and wisdom can be anchored, also.


For those who attend the 2-Day Workshop!

-Chumpi Cuya Initiation:

Jorge will offer private ceremony to be initiated in this tradition of Light (for the ones who want it), thus the ones receiving the initiation can - eventually- share it  with more people.  This initiation is done after the workshop.

Additional Cost: $70 includes special Chumpi Cuyas

-- Payment Secures your space.

To sign up, call Rosalba at the number bellow.

Rosalba Fontanez, Organizer


rosalbafontanez@gmail.com    www.rosalbafontanez.com     

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