Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

2-Part Workshop with Jorge Luis Delgado


With Chakaruna Jorge Luis Delgado


I invite you to connect with the Inka Wisdom to learn powerful tools you can use to transform your life, to value and enjoy yourself.  The current moment marks the course of a new paradigm. Life will be known as, before and after, this era.

This is an opportunity to explore Andean Wisdom and return to your own nature. As we are in the beginning of the Andean New Year, time has come where we are able to see the world in a clear and transparent way, learn how to greet ourselves and evolve into a new human being of the generation of the heart.  

How to manage our life in the face of the Pachacuti?

What is a Pachakuti?

This workshop helps you understand the wisdom teachings and practices about the Pachakuti.  You will be able to comprehend the decision and actions  needed to take as we (as a collective) consciously awake, thus, we are able to go through the Ancient Inkan Prophecy, as Beings of Light for the New Day.


2 online classes - 3 hours each.

Dates and Times:

Friday, July 31, 2020    9 am  - 12 pm  -PDT

Saturday, August 1st, 2020   9 am - 12 pm  ---PDT

Same time, both days

We will start with an introduction of the New Being of Light" by Chakaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado.

August 1st, marks the Day of Pachamama

This day is one of the most important celebrations of Inca heritage. The Meaning of Pachamama, Mother Earth, can be understood as The Healing Spirit that has awakened in these times.

We have the support of the Mothers as well as the forces of the Multiverse in our process of transformation. 

Chakaruna, Jorge Luis Delgado, will introduce us to the world and the meaning of Pachamama and all the other Mothers. He will also guide you through a Healing Process with the Mothers and our energetic centers, connecting them to the elements.

Workshop Content:

-Who are the Mothers? 

·       Mama Cocha

·       Mama Pacha

·       Mama Nina

·       Mama Wayra.

-Forces of the Multiverse:

   Pachamama y Pachakamak.

  • Who are these entities?
  • How do we benefit from connecting to their Light?

   Taripay Pacha

  • Descovering our authentic being

   Allin causay

  •  Living in harmony with community, with all of life


  • Beings of Power / Beings of Light and the new consciousness
  • The Portal into the New Dawn

We will explore their forces to discover, harmonize and anchor their new Light.  And Much More!

We hope to be together in this moment of tremendous power!

6 hours of rituals, instructions and practices.

This 2-Day Workshop is for those who are:

·       Interested in expanding their authentic being

·       Transforming their reality using their own personal power

·       Want to reconnect with Ancient Wisdom

Early Bird $190  until July 15, 2020

After July 15 cost will increase to $220

Deadline to sign up is July 26th.


Payment through PayPal: 


You will get the links for each day, right after you submit payment.

Make sure I have your name and email.


Note:  We have Jorge's  "Andean Awakening" and "Inka Wisdom" books for sale.

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