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Rite of the Womb Initiation Ceremony

 Rite of the Womb Initiation Ceremony

Becoming a Womb Keeper

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2022 Time: 11 am - 2 pm

Place: Wildwood Canyon Park*

Fee: $33 payable through Venmo: @Rosalba-Fontanez

or PayPal: PayPal.Me/RosalbaFontanez.  

Payment is your registration

Deadline to register: April 6, 2022

The Feminine Spirit of the Jungle wants us to remember:

“The womb is not a place to store fear or pain. 

The womb is to create and give birth to life.”

My name is Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Teacher and Womb Keeper.  

I received The Rite of the Womb Initiation a few years ago.  I initiate those who are ready to receive the Energetic Seed of the Lineage of women who have freed themselves from suffering. 

This Rite is an Energetic Transmission given by a Lineage of Women from the Jungle Medicine of Peru, to release past traumas stored in our womb.

The intention of the rite is not only for personal healing of the physical and psychic center of the womb for individual women, but for the collective damage and oppression that women have felt for many generation.

Benefits of receiving the Rite of the Womb

It heals at the cellular and energetic levels.

  • It gives us the capability for deep emotional and physical healing.
  • It heals the Lineage from pain and suffering -Ancestral Healing.
  • Transforms fear and pain into creativity and personal power. 
  • Reclaims Physical and emotional pain by healing from pregnancies, hysterectomy, violence, abuse, miscarriages, abortions , difficult pregnancies, etc.
  • Clears your womb of any genetic memories of pain and suffering in your female lineage.
  • Re-commits= Men reclaiming their feminine side, their relationship to their mothers and female partners
  • Renew your alignment with your soul path and the soul of Pachamama (Mother Earth)

This Rite honors our ancestors, the feminine lineage that is at our root, and it honors the blossoms we have birthed, our little ones, the carriers of the light. It's not uncommon for challenges to start showing up the moment you respond to the call. Become aware of shifts in your day to day living, the Lineage may have had started working on your behalf and you may go into fear. If you feel uneasy, blocks start appearing, become aware and gently, release.

Please, remember that women wear a skirt or dress.

*1701 Wildwood Canyon Rd, Burbank, CA 91501

Once you enter the park, keep driving for about 2 minutes up the road, you will see our group and my

altar stuff , right across a cabin-like stone structure (restrooms). All Picnic areas are on the right side.

Rosalba Fontanez