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Home Clearing and Blessing Services

Clearing and Blessing Ceremony 

provided by

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez, VMP

(Vibrational Medicine Practitioner)

The home is the guardian angel of the body and soul. 

It provides a sanctuary for your hopes and dreams, creativity, family and friends, healing, personal growth and so much more. 

House Clearing is a process that facilitates the restoration of balance and harmony in the home or workplace clearing of old energy and imprints. A house blessing is a beautiful ceremony that continues to support and further these aspects of your life. It also removes anything that might be hindering your highest good and greatest joy.

A Sacred Ceremony  can remove such things by using time-honored indigenous healing practices and modern vibrational medicine. The end result is a home that has been cleared and blessed by spirit and the sacred intentions of the current occupant(s).

A good time for a House Clearing is immediately after a new house has been constructed and cleaned; if it's empty is great and if not it works as well. 

Same for a new apartment. There are many reasons to cleanse, clear and recharge the energy in your home just as there are just as many ways to do it. The home or office has the ability to capture and hold low vibration and/or negative energy. Negative energy manifests through low vibration thoughts and ideas and is expressed mentally, physically or verbally. 

Anger, sadness, resentment, fights and arguments, bad thoughts or memories of events or people, hateful or harsh words spoken, etc in the home or office place can gather in the corner and collect dust, grow mold and become dangerous and destructive. When this type of energy is trapped it can cause discomfort, disharmony, arguments, illnesses, physical symptoms, mental symptoms, emotional symptoms to all involved in the space; they can can be affected by it, creating an endless cycle that continually emits and regenerates this negative energy.

Typically a House Clearing is done when one or more of the following situations prevail:

  • Negative energies from past tenants
  • Addictions
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Issues with appliances
  • Conflict with neighbors
  • Unexplained illness, particularly of the non physical kind.
  • Children being afraid to sleep or play in a particular part of a house.
  • Repetitive episodes of bad dreams.

These symptoms can indicate that some aspect of the house, the site or previous occupants needs balancing.

House Clearing and Blessing $500 (includes consultation fee)


House Call Consultation to assess the situation $100


At the beginning of the house blessing, I will set up an altar. The current occupant(s) and guest(s) will gather around the altar and sing, drum, rattle, chant or just hold space till the ceremony is complete.  Then we will make a procession throughout the home to clear and bless each room in the house, with prayer and sacred tools.  

It is highly recommended that you invite individuals that support you and hold you with the highest regard in their hearts. House blessings typically take from 2 to 5 hours depending on how much work needs to be done.

It is also good to have a home-cooked meal in the house within 1 week of the blessing with friends and family who support your highest good.

For more information contact: 
Rev. Rosalba Fontanez
E-mail:   rosalbafontanez@gmail.com