Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Healing Circle on Forgiveness!

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wish to say that First Aid for the Soul encourages people from all traditions and philosophical backgrounds to link together in unified spiritual service through the practice of desire, contemplation, meditation and reflection.  Imagine the masses, through self forgiveness, meditation and or prayer, in Oneness for world healing and harmony

We are at a crucial time in our planetary history when it is not only possible but essential to go beyond the belief systems that separate various spiritual paths to the heart of spiritual service where we find unity.  It all starts with going within, then the healing happens,  if there is healing happening within me, there is healing happening in the world. 

When you attend a Healing Circle  you are taken on a journey of Oneness with your Higher Self; you enter into Ceremony that is unique to you, and connect to your own spiritual guides.  Everyone experience their own healing. In my experience, no two events have been identical, what happens is what Spirit brings to the Circle and it will be aligned with the energy of attendees. 

Shamanic Healing Circles are First Aid for the Soul