Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Heal Your Fear, Worry, Anger and Negative Emotions.

I am offering healing sessions and consultations at a reduced fee during this time: Package of three sessions $350. (Regularly Valued at $450)  For those who live outside of Los Angeles, healing sessions can be done by phone. 

Heal Your Fear, Worry, Anger and Negative Emotions.

For more information send me an email with a short description of any issues you wish to heal, name and a phone number. Send information to:                 

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez      818-257-04-07


Formula for Healing

“ First Aid for the Soul “ Series Ó 

“We need to Forgive in order to Heal”.

Soul + Heart + Compassion + Forgiveness = Healing 

“The Soul resides in the center of the heart.

Heart is the Temple of Compassion.

Compassion is needed to free us from anger,

 unforgiveness, blame, shame, pain, guilt and fear.

So… Breathe Love and Light into your heart to

achieve compassion and forgiveness

and start your healing path”