Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Shamanic Fire Ceremony

Rosalba has begun to offer Shamanic  Fire Ceremonies.  

These ceremonies are being held to create sacred space where we can release our limitations and habitual life patterns and return to our heart centered consciousness. 


The alchemy that takes place during these ceremonies offers a quickening of our karmic journey. We find more and more in these powerful times of acceleration the souls longing to be in sacred ceremony. Rosalba offers these ceremonies to support our personal and  planetary ascension as we move closer to the 2012 shift.


Rosalba’s  passion for holding sacred ceremonies in community with others is her authentic offering to humanity.

For more information you can contact Rosalba directly by email or phone:

 818- 257-0407       rosalbafontanez@gmail.com

Fire Ceremony

This is shamanic technique for purification. The fastest way to transform is by working with the element of fire – which is a spark of our life-giving Sun. We bring to the fire that which we choose to release to the fires of transformation, where we confront our fear of letting go and unwillingness to forgive. When we place items in a fire during ceremony, we release it to Spirit. 

There is a longing for ceremony and learning to work at the Sacred or Soul level.  We will be experiencing ceremony and learning it’s importance for anything and everything that anyone wants to come into balance and reciprocity.

The Healing Fire Ceremony is a time to relinquish anything that burdens your mind and at the same time identify those things in your life that you wish to manifest this year.

Sacred Fire Ceremony for Healing

What We Release

This ceremony is a way of letting go of what no longer works in your life. During a fire ceremony, the flames of the fire become the focal point of your intention (or prayer) that you will silently offer.  When you have a Sacred Fire Ceremony, you send your intention of what you want released in your life and what you want to be replaced in its absence into the Sacred Fire.  The fire’s flame consumes your intention (prayer) and quickly transforms it into energy that is sent to Spirit.

Things or issues that you want to release because they no longer serve you. It may be old habits that no longer carry a charge for you. A physical or mental habit that you are tired of, or perhaps it's a limiting thought of your worth. Release fears of poverty or even a wealth. Maybe you need to forgive someone or forgive yourself for something that happened in the past. Maybe you need to let go of a limiting relationship, or a way of doing things. With so many jobs evaporating and downsizing, perhaps you need to release energies from previous employment.

This is how we are going to release such energy:

A guided visualization to access that which we choose to release to the fires of transformation. This is the place of love where we confront our fear of letting go and unwillingness to forgive.

We prepare a "Spirit Arrow".

Release Arrow Explanation: “Spirit Arrow”  a small stick where you will wrap yarn or ribbons that represent what you are releasing.  These energies or issues, to be released, will come up for you during meditation.  You will then blow your intention into the stick several times until you feel like you’ve honored the energy you wish to release. You will place the stick into the fire to be consumed. The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make this ritual powerful. 

Invitation to bring the “Spirit Arrow” to be consumed by the fire.

Burning and transforming: Each person will come up to the fire and offer their “spirit arrow” and as it is consuming, I will stand behind them as a sign of support and to honor the participants.

The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make this ritual powerful.  After your death/spirit arrow has burned, and being careful not to burn yourself, using both hands, draw the flame of the fire into your belly, your heart’s center, and then your forehead.