Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred


    Set Yourself Free From The Ties That Bind!

Cut and dissolve the energetic cords that no longer 

support you!

Package of three Healing Sessions $400.
-Valued at $450 if bought separately- 
(Expires April 30, 2021)

Please, click on the link below:


!Heal Your Fear, Worry, Anger and Painful Emotions.

Release the heaviness of what no longer serves you to fulfill your life's purpose and mission.

For those who live outside of Los Angeles, Healing Sessions can be done by phone.

For more information send me an email with a short description of any issues you wish to heal, name and a phone number.

Send information to:

Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Energy Practitioner

Teacher and Rite of the Womb Initiator           



I will then respond with instructions on how to go about your session.

What is “Distant Healing”?

In traditional healing work, the healer and client are physically located in the same place while the healing work is being done.

In distance healing or remote healing, the healer is physically separated or absent from the client and all of the healing work is done remotely at a distance.

Perhaps the most common form of distant healing occurs when the client and the healer are working via telephone. While the healer and client are talking on the phone, the healer is transmitting healing energies and frequencies to the client to help the client heal themselves and become more balanced.

For more information on Distance Healing  go to Section "D" of: