Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred

Certifications and Training

Passion, purpose and divine connection leads us down our destined paths. I am dedicated to learning and teaching in order to continue to expand the horizons of understanding our true essence.

With Love, Service and Wisdom

Presently, completing studies as Life Coach

2019 Deepening Studies in Andean Medicine

2019 Reiki l & ll

2018 Qotokuna Karpay (Pleiades Initiation)

2018 Completed Munay Ki Initiations

2017  Andean Ancestral Wisdom Studies

2016 Rite of the Womb Initiation

2012 Ñustas Initiation 

2012 Completed studies in Inka Shamanism and Shamanic Energetic Healing

2012  Andean Shamanic Medicine*

2010  Transcrystal Therapy Practitioner

2009  Andean Shamanic Training* -Mesa Carrier

2007 Angel & Emissary Imagery

2006 Theta Healing Practitioner

2006 Past-Life Regression

2005 Hypnotherapist

2005 Master Hypnotist

2005 Master-Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

2005 Handwriting Analysis

2005 Ordained Minister, U.M.

* Received the seeds of Pampamesayok and Altomasayoq

Honors Graduate from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the nation’s leading accredited hypnotherapy college.