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Ground, Center and Re-Charge

Posted on September 23, 2018 at 10:45 AM

Steps to Ground, Center and Re-Charge -Contemplation

Close your eyes, slowly take a deep breath, and slowly exhale all the stressful thoughts from your day, from yesterday.

Take another deep breath, and slowly exhale.. using your imagination:

Pretend that, if you could become a tree, which tree would you like to become? Perhaps a very ancient and strong tree...and now, imagine or think that this tree has roots and branches. Feel or sense the roots growing beneath the earth, going all the way down, traveling down, extending deep beneath the many layers of earth, until you get to the center of it. You may sense, imagine or feel a pool of a honey-like substance, this is powerful energy that sustains and nourishes the tree.

The tree gets energy from earth through roots. you may sense the energy flowing upwards, getting absorbed through the roots. As this energy or force enters the trunk of the tree it fills it up all the way to the top. The force bathes the branches. perhaps at this time you may feel a strong sense of being grounded, your foundations may feel very strong.. just allow yourself to trust that you are connected to Mother Earth.


An now, notice the branches, they get energy from the sun, they drink the light of it. You may even have a feeling or sensation of energy entering the top of your head... as the light of the sun infiltrates the branches; it travels through your branches, to the trunk and down the roots. This allows the tree to be firmly grounded, centered, and cared for. Your body is fully recharged.

You are now able, to command the energy, to go where healing is needed. Intention is everything.


-Grandmother Radiant Feather


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