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My Eclectic Thoughts for Today

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Mindfulness and Observation

Each new day is a great opportunity for personal cultivation. Let us practice receptivity to the universal lessons, which are available anytime anywhere.

How am I walking in service?

Today, mi intent is to be in a state of being to be in communion with creation in every moment, while I am going about my day.

How about you? 

  • Do you have an objective or purpose for today?
  • How do you choose to walk throug hlife today?
  • What brings you Peace?


In Indigenous cultures around the world , a "Holy Man", "Medicine Person" mentors or tutors her/his apprentice a body of wisdom and knowledge. A Lineage of direct transmission is passed down word-of-mouth from generation to generation, without any written account in their teaching, it's an oral tradition.

The Medicine Person, Paqo, or Shaman guides the neophyte, not only on the ceremonial practices and medicinal herbs, but also demonstrates through their actions how to be in this world.




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