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Welcome Dear Ones!

 This section is to honor our authenticity and divinity, after all, we are a Spark of Divine Light. 

  I invite you to read and allow yourself to inmerse in what rings true to your heart.


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Make Your Shadow Your Ally -Reclaim Your Authentic Self

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What Is The Shadow?

The Shadow is an aspect of us that has been disowned; is the part that stays unknown, unexamined, and out of the light of our conscious awareness. It is the part that is denied or suppressed because it makes us uncomfortable or afraid. Whatever doesn't fit the image of our ideal self becomes our shadow.

Explore your dark side as a fountain of creativity and available potential.

Shadow is an aspect within each of us, that part of our nature that we would rather not share, because the shadow holds our vulnerabilities. So we close our eyes. Often it is a part that we don’t wish to see, and just as often a part that we can’t see.

Uncover Your Highest Posibilities!


  •  What challenges do you have in your life?
  •  Relationships, Career, Health
  •  What do you admire in others?
  •  What do you dislike in others?



Shine the light on the darkest aspects of you!

"When we have the courage to create a container of love and kindness, the dark side within us can be exposed; allowing the internal contender to feel safe, facilitating his/her walk to follow the pathway of light." -R.F.



  1. Aknowledge it -Become aware of your stuff that keeps you in a toxic loop.
  2. Own it - It means taking accountability with love, respect and self-compassion.
  3. Embrace it - For it has taught you valuable lessons.
  4. Apreciate it -show gratitude for the opportunity to re-claim your power
  5. Love it -make it your ally, become creative in ways you can nurture yourself.
  6. Forgiveness - you are forgiving yourself, because you deserve to be free of guilt, shame, blame, resentment, etc.
  7. Release -let it go, cut cords, re-write agreements.


And just in case you are not able to move forward, laugh out loud and seek help.


Call me!

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Energy Practitioner









Building Community Through Ceremony and Ritual

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Sitting by the Fire in Circle doing Ceremony and Ritual is not new, is an ancient process of consultation and communion, a place for tranquility, for slowing down, respectfully listening and expressing yourself without judgment. It's a place to change the conversation and a way of being together that taps into the emotions of the limbic brain to come into stillness, it allows you to come into right relationship with your life.


Being in Circle is a matter of remembering our original way of being in community. Because we feel supported, groups can inspire us to overcome fear, gain courage and get out of our comfort zones.


In a group environment, there is a great potential for our lives, to shift and expand. People feel connected when they are seen, heard and appreciated; there is a high capacity to immediately feel love and for their hearts to open.


An open heart means they can be in a receptive space and accept all kinds of wisdom from the group. Being seen, heard and appreciated is the intention of each gathering. In fact, it is a profound desire for that experience that drives Healing Gatherings.


The various gifts of Circle experience



  • Shared experiences
  • Self Discovery
  • Motivation for Change
  • Service to others -selflessness
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Information, wisdom and knowledge
  • Engaging Relationships
  • Stories
  • Healing due to a sense of belonging
  • Openness
  • Self awareness and understanding




You need to shine, even in your darkest day.


Everyone has a gift that is vital to the self and to the community. It is critical to honor where you are now even as you create who you are becoming, for this is your journey of self discovery.


Remember that, in ancient times, Circle Gathering was used for sacred rituals, decision-making, rites of passage, celebrations and healing.


“There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit.” - Sobonfu Somé.


A Day of Self-Healing and Self-Nurturing

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A fabulous gift to yourself is a day of healing and nourishing just for you.


What if you start your healing day by setting the intention that you are dedicating this time to healing yourself?

How about if you dedicated a place in your living quarters, where you can sit in contemplation and take refuge in a space that is both beautiful and peaceful?

Perhaps you can add:


  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Incense
  • Music



Doing this, for sure, will guide your focus toward a more tranquil mood. Being in that state of calmness is healing, a return to wholeness, if only for that short of stillness and quiet of self-nourishing.




Self-Care & Self-Love

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Lack of self-care and self-love makes us feel fragile and deficient.

When this happens, we then become like a vacuum, sucking the energy, most times from our loved ones.

When we feel empty, some of us –unconsciously- try to use our children to make us feel better. Hoping to fulfill the emptiness and gain strength.

This is not how life should be, is it?

Yet in those moments, we don’t feel and see our children—we only feel our own void. In most cases, we act and come across as critical, and demeaning; we end up fighting and making our children feel disgraceful and/or regretful.

We need to tend to our inner selves.



  • How do you implement self-availability?
  • How do you exercise self-care?
  • How do you apply self-love?
In order to be available to our loved ones, we need to practice self availability.



Bringing Joy and Passion Into your Life

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Are you leading an mechanical lifestyle devoid of any sparkle of fervent enjoyment?


  1. Take some time from your busy schedule today and do something fun.
  2. Explore the power of the imagination to heal, adjust your world. 
  3. You can find joy by appreciating the nature that surrounds you.
  4. Choose an activity that really makes you happy and brings the kid out of you.


When was the last instant you took the time to:


  • Just sit down in the grass and enjoy a sun set?
  • Let the breeze caress and freshen your skin?
  • Allow the sound of the birds singing fill your soul?
  • Perhaps is just contemplating the rainfall?
  • Or just smell a flower, or a spice, or the fragrance of wet soil?



Believe you are doing this to have fun yourself, not to impress others. Do something that really interests you.


Remember, you can have fun and experience intense joy from small everyday ordinary things. 


If you want to take it a notch higher and experience powerful result, you can allow the energy of kindness, compassion, and peace to radiate through every action you carry out today; it will certainly echo back to you.


Energy System Detox for 2015

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2015 Has Begun!

How many of us consider cleansing up our energetic system?

The New Year offers an opportunity for all of us to start a new canvas of what we wish to bring into our life. Some of us wish to detoxify with fasting or juicing; this is all great and to take it a notch higher, I encourage you to take care of your energetic system with a chakra cleansing as well.

Chakras are energy centers in the body, think of the chakras as funnels of light that are set an inch or two above your body, with the narrow end of the funnel connecting to your spinal chord.

The chakras inform your neurophysiology and they inform your endocrine system because they are connected to the endocrine glands. In fact, the chakras are the direct result of electrical activity in nerve plexuses in the body and in the endocrine centers.

Chakras are directly connected to our luminous field. This luminous field is a light energy body

Each chakra is associated with different general core issues. This is where we hold our emotional, genetic and karmic histories, masticize our traumas, fears and hurts and experience loss of our true power and voice. This denseness interrupts the free flow of energy through the chakras and it can cause us to “disconnect” with ourselves, others and our spiritual faiths. This gives root to becoming physically and/or psychologically ill.


We need to understand how this happens:

Every imprint of every experience in the Energy Field is linked to a chakra through which it releases its toxic data into the central nervous system.


  • The Imprint is the supply
  • The chakra the conduit
  • And the nervous system the delivery structure



Each chakra contains a physical and emotional landscape of experiences in our lives interpreted by different lenses

When we have faced a challenge or difficult time in our life, many times we may not have processed the energy and emotion from that challenge. This energy becomes dense and it also becomes difficult for it to move through the body, becoming stagnant or stale.

So we, Paq’os, work to clear and heal these imprints on mythic and energetic levels of the energy body. It’s not uncommon that the physical and emotional levels get influenced and promote change for wellbeing.



  1. Medicine tracks at the physical level and intervenes at the physical.
  2. Psychologists track and diagnose at the level of mind and intervene with language.
  3. Paq’os track at the level of the sacred and the mythic and intervene energetically.



How well we preserve and regenerate our luminous reservoir sees to govern how long and how healthy we will live.






Crafts & Wellness for Empty Nesters

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Children are gone, suddenly parents are free, life is certainly about to get incredibly fascinating!

You will have more time to do things, that in the past, you did not have time to tackle. You were busy being a parent, now that your young one is gone to college or on to other endeavors, you have all the time in your hands….


  • What would you do? What would you create?
  • What are you ready to explore?
  • How do you get inspiration?
  • Who are you when you are not being a parent?
  • What does your heart yearn for?
  • What is your Soul longing for?
  • How would you re-create your life?


This is the time to spread your wings and soar into newer heights.

This new stage in your life offers you a great opportunity to re-imagine yourself and set newer goals, these may at be personal or professional levels.  

The ultimate goal is to rediscover your dreams, using your time and wisdom creatively,  while adjusting to the newly-acquired, next chapter of your life.

What is next?



Smudging Made easy

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Spiritual Cleansing


What is a spiritual Cleansing?

A spiritual Cleansing is a gift from Spirit; it assists in clearing and purifying the energy that may be clouding your perceptions, energy field and body.



A Spiritual Cleansing heals and reorganizes those parts of ourselves, that are incongruent with our true nature, enable us to endure and resolve conflicts within ourselves.


How Spiritual Cleansing is Done?

There are several ways in which to use spiritual cleansing to cleanse an aura. While techniques vary, the same ending is what is desired.



Who needs a Spiritual Cleansing?



  • Divorce - Separations
  • Repeated financial difficulty
  • Relationship/family problems of a recurrent nature
  • Unusual disturbances in the home or in the workplace
  • Prior to entering into deep spiritual/meditative work
  • Persistent Spiritual Disturbances
  • A feeling of heaviness and lethargy associated with intense “negative” energy.


The list can go on and on.

The human body acts like a sponge which absorbs some of the energy of everything we cross paths with. The affect of all these different types of energy accumulate in our own essence and cause all sorts of things to happen. Once these energies are absorbed they cannot be released on their own. The only way to rid yourself of these energies is through spiritual cleansing, a sort of spiritual hygiene, to clear away unwanted clutter.


This is why we smoke our Energy Field:

It's very helpful, especially if there's a lot of grief around an issue or sadness or anxiety. It brings a balance, cleanses the air of energetic impurities.

Sage is associated with purity, things of the spirit and of heaven and dispels unwanted energy. It’s used to purify ceremonial objects and people, sacred smudge or sage is used throughout many cultures to purify and transform the energy of a space before meditation or ceremony. It is used as a catalyst between the known and the unknown. Smoke is the element of air and when the sage or (smudge) is burning the smoke rises up to the heavens and takes our prayers and intentions with it to the Great Spirit. The use of Sage in the home for spiritual cleansing and dedication is one of the oldest of energy-clearing techniques.

Burning of sage is compared to the incense used by a Roman Catholic priest during Mass; and if you have often wondered why they do it, this is why: smudging with incense or herbs clears and purifies a space of heavy energies.


Smoke from herbs like sage have the potential of seizing the positive ion in the air molecule and extracting it.



  1. The positive ion is the electric charge in air that can be harmful to you.
  2. On the other hand, negative ions are beneficial to your health.
  3. Ionizers remove the positive ions from the air.
  4. It is suggested that heavy, dense energies are carried by these positive ions.
  5. Removing those positive ions breaks down those energies.



Remember to leave a window open when smudging to allow these neutralized positive ions to leave the room.


Smoking and Smudging purifies our field, and the results are clarity, serenity and well-being.


Release The Old ~Create Space For The New~

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Have you ever wanted to get new furniture let’s say, a new living rooms set? You knew that you had to get rid of the old set in order to make space for the new one, right?


The same idea applies when you release the old structural paradigms, ideas, belief systems, situations, relationships, etc. You get the point, correct?


The energy of the moment seems to offer a time for reflection of what to let go and for calling on grounding practices to keep centered rather than ignoring the feeling and rushing off with distractions to displace the anxious, restless, emotional reactions.


Self-love often times means releasing what is no longer serving you, or teaching you a lesson. Be aware that most of the time, these choices will not agree with the people around you. However, in order to maintain integrity we must draw healthy boundaries. It’s o.k. to say no when we find ourselves doing something that is not in alignment with who we are. "People pleasing" will take you far away from yourself; you will get resentful and will have groundless expectations.


You can choose to remove yourself from the situations and/or people that make you feel stressed out all the time. However, if you really desire to feel peace, joy and ease, in your life, then is advisable that you examine why you feel stressed out and have the courage to confront it.


Letting go creates space


It’s highly important to honor and feel the emotions as a feedback mechanism; they let us know when we are on and off track. Having the courage to reflect on what no longer serves your highest good for mind, body and Spirit makes it easier to release the old and create space for the new.


  • What is it -within you- that makes you feel that way?
  • What is not being honestly expressed?
  • What needs to be paid attention to?
  • What does your soul want you to hear?
  • What do you need to release from your life?
  • What kind of space do you want to create?
  • What belongs in your life? What does not?
  • What's out of integrity in your life?

Own your emotions, to feel as authentic to yourself as you possibly can.




We then proceed to do the steps to declare Self-Love:


Acknowledgment, acceptance, gratitude, love and kindness, Self- reverence, self-forgiveness, and release what is not serving your highest and greatest good. These are the steps to transformation.


When you are expressing your truth and it's grounded in truthfulness, there is a great opportunity to let go of your projections of what you want things to be and begin to see things as they really are, and that makes it easier to let go of what is not in alignment with your path and what no longer serves you. Now, you are actually in alignment with your highest possibilities.



Incidentally, creating the space allows something extraordinary, improved, fantastic, more exciting, and magnificent to show up.


Transforming with Fire

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I remember one day -my then 4 year old- grandson, (Bless him), asked me: “Grandma, do you know why houses get burnt? I sighted, I thought, oh my! Does he have a pyromaniac mindset?!!! I swallowed and calmly, I said to him: “No, I do not; tell me, why they get burn? He answered with the purest form of innocent, sweet, enthusiasm: “So that they can build new ones!” Kids get it, and by the way, children are your greatest masters and teachers. We learn from them so much, they carry such wisdom that is untainted; and so does your spouse/partner (for that matter), but that is another theme for another time.