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Emptiness & Soul Connection

Posted on July 10, 2019 at 1:55 PM

Listen to your Soul's wisdom; it's trying to teach you something greater than your perspective about pain and suffering.

Profound truths come as soft whispers and if you do not listen, they become screeching shouts. During some of these periods, it's not uncommon to experience feelings of apathy, confusion and deep sadness. Sometimes, physical illness may set in. You may not have a clear vision, regarding work, relationships and about oneself.

Some people feel empty and they do not know why; many times they seek out to fill that void in their daily existence, they may look for security outside of themselves to fill the emptiness. Humans need a connection to their souls, to their inner self and when they do not get it, that emptiness seeks stimulation. The stimulation becomes like a "rush" and people can become addicted to the rush/high. There are many forms of addiction. (For another Blog)

An awareness to all the above:

Catastrophic events in one's life, are wake up calls you receive from your soul. They serve to getting you back on track, -to get you focused on what is really important- some wake up calls can be minor, others are more foundational, such us when you are not fully expressing your innate gifts in the planet.

A fresh perspective:

You have an opportunity to start re-structuring what it's not in alignment with who you really are, when you do, the void starts disappearing because you are now connected to your own essence. This is when you seek out adequate help, to assist you in unraveling the energetic sludge of your challenges.

Are you ready to listen to your soul?

Feeling whole vs. empty, enables you to be fully present and start sharing your brilliance with humanity.

  • What do you crave for?
  • Is there a void in your life?
  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • What needs to shift?

Do not despair, there is help!

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