Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred



Posted on January 24, 2019 at 11:45 AM

When You feel something beyond pain, like something more horrible than...so alone, your insides feel empty and hollowed. sit with that and perhaps you will hear:

"When was the last time you touched your beating heart? When did you stop wrapping your arms around yourself? When did you last caressed the trunk of a tree? When was the last time you grounded?

Can you breathe? Can you walk? Can you smell? Can you see the moon or perhaps the stars? When was the last time you dared to dance? To sing? To write your sweet set of syllables on paper?

Can you taste your tears? Can you own that you feel lonely, yet you are not alone?

Can you feel your ancestors surrounding you? Can you not see that you are not alone in this journey?

And in this very moment, you can elect to connect to something bigger than yourself, Source, The Light, Creator/Creatrix, Universal Love, The Absolute, they are All One, and they got your back!


You have you! And although it's a rough time, being and feeling vulnerable, and allowing yourself to feel your pain, is part of the process of growing and letting go. Your life as you knew it no longer exists, all that has changed.


This is the great opportunity for you to find and re-define yourself. Do not think for s moment that this is the end, it's only the beginning of a new cycle.


Metaphorically speaking, you are dying to your old self, so that the new self can emerge. That is real transformation, you are in the chrysalis stage. Basting in the gunk from which the beautiful butterfly will emerge.


I do not know if it makes sense to you, but you are not alone!!!!!!!

Dare to kiss the earth with your bare feet, touch the wild flower growing through the cemented ground. Drink the sunlight and feel it, sense it coming down your core, warming and shifting your very soul."

And now, tell me how you feel?



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