Healing With Andean Medicine
Rescuing the Soul, Healing the Sacred


Welcome Dear Ones!

 This section is to honor our authenticity and divinity, after all, we are a Spark of Divine Light. 

  I invite you to read and allow yourself to inmerse in what rings true to your heart.


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Releasing and Refreshing

Posted on March 26, 2020 at 7:10 PM

Hello everyone, How are you doing?


I am writing this piece from my Sanctuary of Solitude for Solidarity, (my home office).

How are you coping, during this incredible time?

Of course, we are undergoing an unbelievable time of change that calls upon us to dig deeper, than we ever have before.


I am using this time of "staying put" to do all the things that I otherwise do not have time to do, or some of us think, right?


I have been going deeper into my work, -personal inner work as well- doing online studying, (lots of treasures for future shares here) ☺Most importantly, exercising self-care, o lot! And utilizing all the tools that I teach, to stay calm, compassionate, and healthy. I must walk my talk.


It's imperative that we take steps to stay safe and well; to do everything we can to avoid spreading the virus.


There are many techniques used to bring calm and ease to oneself. I would like to share with you the following one, which is one of the fundamental practices, which I use to assist people, to get them to a place of inner peace and harmony.


It consists of one's personal capacity to donate the heavy energy to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and to recharge our bubble/Energetic Field with refined energy from the Cosmos. The technique is carried out by opening the upper part of our luminous field, (some people refer to it as the auric field, aura, and/or bubble) with intention.


Let us do it, shall we?

To begin, sit and breathe slowly and deeply. Our Intention is to release all anxious energy that can create turmoil within ourselves and to get to a peaceful place. This way we can anchor a sense of calmness into our being.


1. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose for 4 seconds; holding your breath for 4 seconds. Slowly exhale through the mouth for 4 seconds. Hold it for 4 seconds, Repeat this exercise three times.

2. With Intention, open your bubble above your head and let in a ray of light that comes from the Cosmos, enter the top of your aura, above your head, entering your head and   visualize it flowing down the center of your skull. imagine, think, visualizethis beam/ column of light, sliding down your neck.

3. Make it flow down the back of your spine.

 4. This energy is sweeping all the dense energy that no longer supports you.

5. Imagine that this heavy/dense energy comes down through your bottom, through your tail bone, and  give it to the Earth, Pachamama, it's  an offering to her.

6. Ask Mother Earth to accept your anger, fear, and imagine it coming down your spine out of your tailbone, and into the earth's deep core.

7. Pachamama eats your dense energy, while the Light of the cosmos cleanses you. You  will feel recharged and refreshed.To finish, be sure to honor and thank the Cosmos and Earth for their loving service.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Know that you are in my heart and prayers.


There is light at the end of the tunnel, we will come out of this unparalleled time, wiser and empowered. We are establishing a new way of functioning in the world.


I thank you for cooperating and practicing guidelines for safety; your respect and care for one another, wisely -keeping our loved ones and ourselves- healthy and safe.




Rites of Passage -Empowering Transitions

Posted on August 26, 2019 at 7:35 PM

In our life's journey, we go through transformative points, that bring about change.

Uncertainty and perplexity are indicators that an inner shift is taking place. We face adversity and come to the conclusion that we must leave behind all we have known about our identity. 

With acknowledgment and gratitude, that everything has had a part in our development, we move on to the next step in our evolution; like from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. .

Each transition empowers you to release the old and integrate a fresher perspective and the wisdom of discernment. It assist you in recognizing and owning your place in the Universe. You go through a Rite of Passage.

A Rite of Passage is when a person goes into one end, and comes out the other side profoundly changed from the experience itself. More often than not, a person faces relentless challenges, unwanted but necessary stops on the highway to adulthood, self-reliance, and sovereignty.

There will be many opportunities to go through a Rite of Passage, for is the Exodus of the Brave, or Hero's Journey.


Are you sensing a shift in your life?

Emptiness & Soul Connection

Posted on July 10, 2019 at 1:55 PM

Listen to your Soul's wisdom; it's trying to teach you something greater than your perspective about pain and suffering.

Profound truths come as soft whispers and if you do not listen, they become screeching shouts. During some of these periods, it's not uncommon to experience feelings of apathy, confusion and deep sadness. Sometimes, physical illness may set in. You may not have a clear vision, regarding work, relationships and about oneself.

Some people feel empty and they do not know why; many times they seek out to fill that void in their daily existence, they may look for security outside of themselves to fill the emptiness. Humans need a connection to their souls, to their inner self and when they do not get it, that emptiness seeks stimulation. The stimulation becomes like a "rush" and people can become addicted to the rush/high. There are many forms of addiction. (For another Blog)

An awareness to all the above:

Catastrophic events in one's life, are wake up calls you receive from your soul. They serve to getting you back on track, -to get you focused on what is really important- some wake up calls can be minor, others are more foundational, such us when you are not fully expressing your innate gifts in the planet.

A fresh perspective:

You have an opportunity to start re-structuring what it's not in alignment with who you really are, when you do, the void starts disappearing because you are now connected to your own essence. This is when you seek out adequate help, to assist you in unraveling the energetic sludge of your challenges.

Are you ready to listen to your soul?

Feeling whole vs. empty, enables you to be fully present and start sharing your brilliance with humanity.

  • What do you crave for?
  • Is there a void in your life?
  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • What needs to shift?

Do not despair, there is help!


Posted on January 24, 2019 at 11:45 AM

When You feel something beyond pain, like something more horrible than...so alone, your insides feel empty and hollowed. sit with that and perhaps you will hear:

"When was the last time you touched your beating heart? When did you stop wrapping your arms around yourself? When did you last caressed the trunk of a tree? When was the last time you grounded?

Can you breathe? Can you walk? Can you smell? Can you see the moon or perhaps the stars? When was the last time you dared to dance? To sing? To write your sweet set of syllables on paper?

Can you taste your tears? Can you own that you feel lonely, yet you are not alone?

Can you feel your ancestors surrounding you? Can you not see that you are not alone in this journey?

And in this very moment, you can elect to connect to something bigger than yourself, Source, The Light, Creator/Creatrix, Universal Love, The Absolute, they are All One, and they got your back!


You have you! And although it's a rough time, being and feeling vulnerable, and allowing yourself to feel your pain, is part of the process of growing and letting go. Your life as you knew it no longer exists, all that has changed.


This is the great opportunity for you to find and re-define yourself. Do not think for s moment that this is the end, it's only the beginning of a new cycle.


Metaphorically speaking, you are dying to your old self, so that the new self can emerge. That is real transformation, you are in the chrysalis stage. Basting in the gunk from which the beautiful butterfly will emerge.


I do not know if it makes sense to you, but you are not alone!!!!!!!

Dare to kiss the earth with your bare feet, touch the wild flower growing through the cemented ground. Drink the sunlight and feel it, sense it coming down your core, warming and shifting your very soul."

And now, tell me how you feel?



Ground, Center and Re-Charge

Posted on September 23, 2018 at 10:45 AM

Steps to Ground, Center and Re-Charge -Contemplation

Close your eyes, slowly take a deep breath, and slowly exhale all the stressful thoughts from your day, from yesterday.

Take another deep breath, and slowly exhale.. using your imagination:

Pretend that, if you could become a tree, which tree would you like to become? Perhaps a very ancient and strong tree...and now, imagine or think that this tree has roots and branches. Feel or sense the roots growing beneath the earth, going all the way down, traveling down, extending deep beneath the many layers of earth, until you get to the center of it. You may sense, imagine or feel a pool of a honey-like substance, this is powerful energy that sustains and nourishes the tree.

The tree gets energy from earth through roots. you may sense the energy flowing upwards, getting absorbed through the roots. As this energy or force enters the trunk of the tree it fills it up all the way to the top. The force bathes the branches. perhaps at this time you may feel a strong sense of being grounded, your foundations may feel very strong.. just allow yourself to trust that you are connected to Mother Earth.


An now, notice the branches, they get energy from the sun, they drink the light of it. You may even have a feeling or sensation of energy entering the top of your head... as the light of the sun infiltrates the branches; it travels through your branches, to the trunk and down the roots. This allows the tree to be firmly grounded, centered, and cared for. Your body is fully recharged.

You are now able, to command the energy, to go where healing is needed. Intention is everything.


-Grandmother Radiant Feather


The Healing Force of Mother Earth

Posted on July 25, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Energetic Exchange with  Mother Earth for Healing

Connect, Ground, Release, Renew.

Do you experience emotional swings which leave you feeling uneasy?

Most often, this unsettling state may be a reaction to problems in your home environment, and it can also affect those around you.

When you start to feel anxious, take a few minutes to do this:

1. Find a place to sit silently in a position that is most comfortable for you.

2. Sense or feel the base of your spine. imagine or think a cable running from the base of the spine down to the center of the Earth and establish a connection with Her.

3. Take a deep breath and with intention, release and send all your worries and anxiety, -everything you are feeling and is disturbing your well being- through this cable, down into the soil beneath you.

4. Next, imagine your spine growing roots ( like those of a strong, ancient tree) into the soil underneath you.

5. Slowly, keep breathing and with each exhale, imagine or visualize your heavy emotions releasing into the Earth.

6. You may experience /notice a sense of being grounded.

7. Slowly take a another deep breath, imagine or think a life-force strength coming up through your roots from the center of the Earth. This energy or life-force is absorbed into your body and it expands throughout your energetic system, providing you the support you need and enables you to have a sense of well-being.

Being grounded provides the balance we need to manage the emotional fluctuations.

Becoming Conscious and Aware

When we are feeling irritable. notice it, acknowledge it, accept it and do the exercise above. The Earth supports us by feeding us her finest nectar to ground and center us, this gives us tranquility and clarity, enabling us to cope when uncomfortable feelings arise. This powerful process gives us a great capacity to ride out the troubles we come upon, it supports our overall well being.

Remember to thank Mother Earth for the finest, loving, exchange of energy.

Journaling for Self-Care

Posted on June 28, 2017 at 10:35 AM

Allowing a few moments to journal about , what you cherish in yourself, opens the door to accept what makes you uncomfortable inside. Perhaps there are aspects that need to be honored and release.  However, first you have to acknowledge, accept, and receive the treasures in the form of lessons. Then you can show gratitude for the wisdom they provided for your growth. This action  liberates you from the past and gives you certainty, clarity and a sense of inner calm and ease. 

  • What makes you uncomfortable?
  • What in you wants to be heard?
  • What is that you feel or sense it's time to listen to?

Let the information bubble up, gently and lovingly and treat it as if it was a small child.

  • What does it want from you?
  • Listen, it s whispering.
  • What does it want to express?

And now, thank it for the information received.  Put your arms around your shoulders (as if embracing yourself) and say:

"I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you."

You can take a few moments to journal your experience. Perhaps you may end it with a caption such as:

"I accept, honor, and love myself, just the way I am!"

You are practicing Self-Care!

My Eclectic Thoughts for Today

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Mindfulness and Observation

Each new day is a great opportunity for personal cultivation. Let us practice receptivity to the universal lessons, which are available anytime anywhere.

How am I walking in service?

Today, mi intent is to be in a state of being to be in communion with creation in every moment, while I am going about my day.

How about you? 

  • Do you have an objective or purpose for today?
  • How do you choose to walk throug hlife today?
  • What brings you Peace?


In Indigenous cultures around the world , a "Holy Man", "Medicine Person" mentors or tutors her/his apprentice a body of wisdom and knowledge. A Lineage of direct transmission is passed down word-of-mouth from generation to generation, without any written account in their teaching, it's an oral tradition.

The Medicine Person, Paqo, or Shaman guides the neophyte, not only on the ceremonial practices and medicinal herbs, but also demonstrates through their actions how to be in this world.




Cutting Energetic Ties

Posted on August 25, 2016 at 12:20 PM

Oftentimes, the emotions we are feeling may belong to someone with whom we have had a connection. We, in every relationship, are continuously exchanging energy that can become a tie or cord connecting two people.



Energetic cords can linger long after a relationship has ended. This continuous cord may leave an open conduit between you and another individual, through which energy and emotions continue to flow. Cutting the cord can help you break apart from old, unnecessary, attachments, and liberate you from connections that are no longer serving you. It also can help free a loved one to reach new stages of growth. You’re not severing a relationship, but you are severing the cords that are no longer serving you both. 



With whom:

  • Are you holding onto past grievances or resentments that no longer serve you?




  • Do you need to cut the energetic ties in order to reconnect anew?
  • Do you need to forgive?
  • Do you need to let go off?




  • Have these ties cost you up until this point in your life?
  • Will they continue to cost you if you do not change now?



It's imperative to understand that, a cord may simply decline to be cut off, it may be still serving a higher purpose. Remember that cutting a cord is not a substitute for doing your shadow work ( emotional work) with the involved individuals.

Cutting a relationship cord should always be viewed as a positive and nurturing act. Dissolving /cutting the cords that no longer support you, liberates you and others from the ties that bind.



Life Experiences for Expansion

Posted on January 29, 2016 at 6:10 PM

In the school of life, we experience situations that give us opportunities to be the best version of ourselves. When we are faced with uncomfortable circumstances, we can select to  become victims, or evaluate what is being triggered within us, and own our "stuff". As a Result, if you take responsibility, you can move forward. If not, you will remain "stuck" attracting the same situation, until you learn the lessons.


Remember, you are not defined by the situation, you are not what happened to you. However, life is asking you to respond and take ownership of your expansion. Are you paying attention?


Awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance, embrace and gratitude will be the precursor to self-love, kindness, forgiveness, transformation, this is healing.



  • What are you experiencing right at this moment in your life?
  • Have you notice the challenges that you are having perhaps?
  • What have been the results of any challenging situations?
  • Who are you when you do not have any problems or challenges?




We are unique and we all have exquisite gifts to share with the world, which ones are yours?