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Program for 2013

In order to be aligned with my purpose and mission, that of, assisting in the healing of humanity, I am opening my home to  start a series of Shamanic Healing Circles and workshops  for the community.

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2013 Shamanic Healing Circle

You are invited to sit in a Sacred Circle!
The Key to Releasing Anger and Frustration through The Forgiveness  Process
By Rev.  Rosalba Fontanez
  • Angry? Get over it!  
  • Anger Kills: How to Let It Go for Good!
  • Stressed by Anger: The Silent Killer
  • Anger: Releasing the Bonds that Kill Happines

“When you hold onto resentment towards a person place or thing. You are bound to that situation, by a perceived emotional hurt that is extremely strong. Forgiveness is the only way to break free of that which binds you, and keeps you re-visiting the hurt”.

Stressful situations cause physiological, mental and emotional pain. Over time, the debilitating effects of stress take their toll in numerous ways, from depression and weight gain or loss to chronic pain or even death.

Holding on to emotions such as anger, blame, shame, guilt, or fear cause stress. Carrying the burden of these feelings is unnecessary. Letting go of these wasteful emotions is the first step towards living freely: guilt-free, shamelessly, free of anger and fear. Imagine your life without the limitation of fear or guilt, without resentment towards others, or even yourself. Doesn’t a life like that appeal to you?

Learn to deal with daily stressors. Attend a Shamanic Healing Circle!

You will learn the steps to heal from stress, release the burden of these negative emotions, and move towards a state of happiness. Through the use of various techniques including the power of forgiveness, you will be able to eliminate fear and self-doubt, improve your self-image, reclaim your passion, and remove the bonds of anger and other outdated energy that no longer holds a charge for you. 

Circle is facilitated by  Rosalba Fontanez, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner






email: rosalbafontanez@gmail.com   Website: www.rosalbafontanez.com


 Donations accepted


Bring, lunch, water, writing pad and pen.


Friends and Loved ones are welcome!