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Spiritual Cleansing -Limpias Espirituales

Clear and Cleanse your Energy System

Holiday Special $35

For the next two weeks, I am offering a Spiritual Cleansing!

A spiritual cleansing (Limpia) refers to the removal of dense energy within the body, mind, spirit and/or surroundings. Everything is made up of energy. Every object around us, your thoughts, emotions, fears, illnesses, actions, and even your words are made up of energy

Some People refer to this dense energy as “negative”.  It’s believed that negativity comes from a variety of sources and is encountered every single day. It can be found in one’s lifestyle, habits, environment, surroundings, traumatic events, etc. Heavy energy upsets the Human energy system and it prevents a person being in harmony.

Have a Spiritual Cleansing Today!

It only takes about 20 minutes of your time!  

After a Spiritual Cleansing, you will feel lighter with a new sense of well being.

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