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Make Your Shadow Your Ally -Reclaim Your Authentic Self

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 4:20 PM


What Is The Shadow?

The Shadow is an aspect of us that has been disowned; is the part that stays unknown, unexamined, and out of the light of our conscious awareness. It is the part that is denied or suppressed because it makes us uncomfortable or afraid. Whatever doesn't fit the image of our ideal self becomes our shadow.

Explore your dark side as a fountain of creativity and available potential.

Shadow is an aspect within each of us, that part of our nature that we would rather not share, because the shadow holds our vulnerabilities. So we close our eyes. Often it is a part that we don’t wish to see, and just as often a part that we can’t see.

Uncover Your Highest Posibilities!


  •  What challenges do you have in your life?
  •  Relationships, Career, Health
  •  What do you admire in others?
  •  What do you dislike in others?



Shine the light on the darkest aspects of you!

"When we have the courage to create a container of love and kindness, the dark side within us can be exposed; allowing the internal contender to feel safe, facilitating his/her walk to follow the pathway of light." -R.F.



  1. Aknowledge it -Become aware of your stuff that keeps you in a toxic loop.
  2. Own it - It means taking accountability with love, respect and self-compassion.
  3. Embrace it - For it has taught you valuable lessons.
  4. Apreciate it -show gratitude for the opportunity to re-claim your power
  5. Love it -make it your ally, become creative in ways you can nurture yourself.
  6. Forgiveness - you are forgiving yourself, because you deserve to be free of guilt, shame, blame, resentment, etc.
  7. Release -let it go, cut cords, re-write agreements.


And just in case you are not able to move forward, laugh out loud and seek help.


Call me!

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Energy Practitioner









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